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Company Policy

Besides continuity, Vos Metaalhandel’s company policy focusses on the controlled execution of our tasks. In doing so, incidents will be prevented and the legal requirements will be fulfilled. All activities are reviewed to determine the accompanying risks levels. Subsequently, these risks must be reduced to the lowest possible practical level. Safety, wellbeing and environment are the primary responsibilities of every employee. Our health and safety policy prioritises the prevention of incidents and the identification of risk management in the execution. This does not only apply to our own employees, but also to third parties involved in Vos Metaalhandel activities.

  • Preventing personal injury
  • Ensuring the safety of third parties
  • Preventing material damage
  • Establishing priorities
  • Continually striving for improvement


The environmental policy of Vos Metaalhandel concentrates on the prevention of environmental impact and nuisance of our operation or, if prevention is practically impossible, try to limit it.


  • Complying with rules and regulations
  • Continually striving for improvement
  • Preventing environmental damage


Vos Metaalhandel has a MRF-certification. This is practical and branch-specific quality assurance system, exclusively developed for MRF members. The concerns for health and safety, and the environment have been explicitly stated in these regulations.

Vos Metaalhandel also has a VCA-certificate. VCA is a certification system that ensures that companies, in specific industries, offer their employees a safe work environment to reduce accidents. It is a versatile scheme that guarantees the business is assessed and certified via their VGM-management system.


Ondernemend Nederland/RTL7

On 28 December 2014, the RTL7 television programme “Ondernemend Nederland” took a look behind the scenes of our company.

Onderneming van het jaar 2014

Vos Metaalhandel shown just after having been nominated for Company of The Year 2014.

Onze bedrijfsfilm, gemaakt in 2012