Vos Metaalhandel is equipped with a radiation detector, created by Stratec Services. Every individual load is subjected to radioactivity monitoring during our incoming and outgoing inspections.

We possess, among other things, DNV-certified scrap containers for our offshore and offshore-related clients. This means that these containers meet the most up-to-date safety standards of the offshore industry.

We have a loading floor for the transport of heavy-duty machinery, such as containers or baskets.

These containers, including the accompanying hoisting equipment, are inspected at least once a year. Depending on the wishes and working methods of the client, we can check them more often.

Sorting of the scrap takes place with the help of the Vulcan Expert + from Matech BV. This is a portable metal analysis device that quickly and accurately determines the correct composition of the material. There can thus be no doubt about the composition of the offered material.