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Vos Metaalhandel is equipped with a radiation detector, created by Stratec Services. Every individual load is subjected to radioactivity monitoring during our incoming and outgoing inspections.

We possess, among other things, DNV-certified scrap containers for our offshore and offshore-related clients. This means that these containers meet the most up-to-date safety standards of the offshore industry.

We have a loading floor for the transport of heavy-duty machinery, such as containers or baskets.

These containers, including the accompanying hoisting equipment, are inspected at least once a year. Depending on the wishes and working methods of the client, we can check them more often.

The sorting of scrap metal is performed by the Oxford X-MET8000 by Matech. This is a portable x-ray analysis machine that can accurately determine the correct material composition. That way, there really can be no doubt about the composition of the provided material. Vos is only one of two companies in the BENELUX who own this particular machine.